Monday, January 22, 2007


Filthy needs to get his license renewed. The only places to renew in my county are areas with weather reports of, Slighly cloudy with passing gunfire from the west.

I call up the NJ DMV and after going thru "For English, press 1, for Beaner press 2" and then finally I pick 6 and LaFanda gets on the line. I explain that I would like to renew my license and would like to discuss what types of ID I need. I tell her that I have an expired pass port from 2003 she says that will not be accepted. I tell her that I have my drivers license from NJ and that has not expired (march 07) and she tells me that it is worth only 1 point. Apparently I need 6 points.

I need an original Birff Certificate.

I have a copy but they will not accept that.

Meanwhile, every where I look I see beaners driving by. How did they get a license. I cannot renew. I go on line to get a Birff Certif and I don't have the proper ID to get one.

I need to find a wetback and ask him how he got his documents. It seems the only way I will be able to get my license renewed is thru black market forged Birff certificates.


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