Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Joe Wilson is being very quiet for some reason

Armitage identified himself to Colin Powell as Novak's source before the Fitzgerald inquiry had even been set on foot. The whole thing could—and should—have ended right there. But now read this and rub your eyes: William Howard Taft, the State Department's lawyer who had been told about Armitage (and who had passed on the name to the Justice Department)
also felt obligated to inform White House counsel Alberto Gonzales. But Powell and his aides feared the White House would then leak that Armitage had been Novak's source—possibly to embarrass State Department officials who had been unenthusiastic about Bush's Iraq policy. So Taft told Gonzales the bare minimum: that the State Department had passed some information about the case to Justice. He didn't mention Armitage. Taft asked if Gonzales wanted to know the details. The president's lawyer, playing the case by the book, said no, and Taft told him nothing more.

Joe Wilson is a douche bag and his wife is a scabby who-re.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mad Max Cleland being treated for post traumatic stress disorder.

Former Sen. Max Cleland, as seen here in an undated photo, has battled bouts of depression since losing an arm and both legs in Vietnam, is being treated for post- traumatic stress disorder.
Cleland, who represented Georgia in the Senate from 1997 to 2003, said he believes the condition _ cases of which are increasing rapidly among Vietnam war veterans _ was in part triggered by the ongoing violence in Iraq.

Oh sure. When in doubt, blame Iraq. You gimpy pussy. Don't think we forgot your antics with that faux hero John Kerry. Ass.

Funny how this ass cannot keep himself out of the press. Kerry rolled his tripod ass all over and when Kerry lost to W, Gimpy here went back to being a coat rack. Gimpy didn't like that. So now he has post traumatic stress disorder.

I bet John Kerry gets it next. It would be convenient for him to do so.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thought this was nice.

72 Virgins? Hell no. All those who die for Allah, Go straight to Hell.

You fight under the banner of the AntiChrist(Koran) ?

This is what you can expect to see upon your death.


I for one welcome North Korea to test their Nuke.

SEOUL -- North Korea would not rule out a nuclear test if the U.S. maintained what it called a hostile policy, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said yesterday as the communist nation warned of "all possible countermeasures" against the U.S.

Go for it. Pop it off Kimmy. If your Nuke test goes any where as well as your rocket tests, I think you might want to be far away from the testing zone. Or maybe this is just your way of providing heat for your starving people this winter- Slow cook.


Converted to Islam at Gunpoint. Nice touch.

Imagine if the mormans did that? I would have 5 wives by this time.

GAZA (Reuters) - Two kidnapped Fox journalists appeared on a new videotape released by their captors on Sunday in the Gaza Strip, in which the reporters said they had converted to Islam, the Fox News Channel said.
Palestinian Interior Minister Saeed Seyam said efforts were under way to secure within hours the release of Fox correspondent Steve Centanni, a 60-year-old American, and New Zealand-born cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36.
Both journalists appeared to be in good health in the new video. They were seized on August 14.

Nothing like the hard sell eh? Religion of peace strikes again!

Friday, August 25, 2006

CNN Jazeera presenting yet another Hit Piece on Bush

They just cannot help themselves can they-
CNN, the first television news organization to interview Osama bin Laden in 1997, presents In the Footsteps of Bin Laden, a documentary on the life and mission of the al Qaeda leader. Using firsthand accounts of the people who have known him best throughout his life, In the Footsteps of Bin Laden offers numerous new details about bin Laden's transformation from a quiet, well-bred boy to the Western world's most wanted terrorist. The two-hour investigation is reported by CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour and is based on The Osama bin Laden I Know by CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen

What they want to teach our kids is just how Republicans turned this loving Beardo into a terrorist.

Nagin takes a pot shot at NYC and our empty Hole

Listen to this ass.

(CBS) Confronted by accusations that he’s taking too long to clean up his city after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin defended himself by remarking on New York City’s failure to rebuild Ground Zero.

Nice eh?

On a tour of the decimated Ninth Ward, Nagin tells Pitts the city has removed most of the debris from public property and it’s mainly private land that’s still affected – areas that can’t be cleaned without the owners' permission. But when Pitts points to flood-damaged cars in the street and a house washed partially into the street, the mayor shoots back. "That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair."

Mmmmkay. You know, who cares what this ass says.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Funny, I don't recall Amnesty International Calling for Hezbollah to release Kidnapped Soldiers?

Amnesty International says attacks on civilian targets by Israeli military forces during the recently ended fighting in Lebanon look like deliberate war crimes.
In a report released on Wednesday, the London-based human rights organisation argues that the destruction of Lebanese homes and basic infrastructure “was an integral part of the military strategy”.
Noting violations by both sides, Amnesty says it has asked the United Nations to open a “comprehensive, independent and impartial inquiry” about the 34-day war between Israel and the Lebanese-based Hizbollah militia.

WOW! Deliberate war crimes. How about those thousands of rockets aimed and fired at innocent civilians in Israel?

"Ohhhhh Thats not a war crime because the Jew is the aggressor"

I heard Jack Shit from Amnesty when the IslamoButchers kidnap and slaughter innocent people . Apparently Amnesty has no problem with that but God help you if you decide to defend your people from Hezbollah.

Amnesty gets major operation funding from countries like, Iran. Bet you didn't know that.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am going to lay some truth on you all. Drink it in baby!

Islam: "Religion of Peace"
"Those that make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the land. They shall be held up to shame in this world and sternly punished in the hereafter." (Sura 5.33-34)
"Allah revealed His will to the angels, saying: 'I shall be with you. Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!' That was because they defied Allah and His apostle. He that defies Allah and his apostle shall be sternly punished by Allah." (Sura 8.12-13)

"In order that Allah may separate the pure from the impure, put all the impure ones [i.e. non-Muslims] one on top of another in a heap and cast them into hell. They will have been the ones to have lost." (Sura 8.37)
"Muster against them [i.e. non-Muslims] all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them who are unknown to you but known to Allah." (Sura 8.60)

"Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and deal harshly with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate." (Sura 9.73)

"When We resolve to raze a city, We first give warning to those of its people who live in comfort. If they persist in sin, judgement is irrevocably passed, and We destroy it utterly." (Sura 17.16-17)
"We have destroyed many a sinful nation and replaced them by other men. And when they felt Our Might they took to their heels and fled. They were told: 'Do not run away. Return to your comforts and to your dwellings. You shall be questioned all.' 'Woe betide us, we have done wrong' was their reply. And this they kept repeating until We mowed them down and put out their light." (Sura 21.11-15)

"When you meet the unbelievers in jihad, chop off their heads. And when you have brought them low, bind your prisoners rigorously. Then set them free or take ransom from them until the war is ended." (Sura 47.4)
"Mohammed is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another." (Sura 48.29)

The next ass that tells me I have to be tolerant of Muslims can stick it in his or her bum.

How do you like this one?

MSNBC Leaves nothing to the Imagination

Those evil Army types. All they want to do is kill innocent people and rape hot chicks. How dare they protect our freedom to hate Bushhaliburton!

More than 100 young women who expressed interest in joining the military in the past year were preyed upon sexually by their recruiters. Women were raped on recruiting office couches, assaulted in government cars and groped en route to entrance exams.
A six-month Associated Press investigation found that more than 80 military recruiters were disciplined last year for sexual misconduct with potential enlistees. The cases occurred across all branches of the military and in all regions of the country.
“This should never be allowed to happen,” said one 18-year-old victim. “The recruiter had all the power. He had the uniform. He had my future. I trusted him.”

He had the uniform? He had your future? Give me a break.

What a crock of shit this is.

I bet Mother Sheehan is having her smelly Hippy minions make false charges to disrupt the recruiting process.

I don't believe a word of it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

WELCOME TO ISLAMOTARDMANIA! Brought to you by the good people at Filthy Industries.

Please stay tuned for fab stories and pics about Islamotards!!!!