Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas New York Compliments of Alan Hevesi

Buffalo, NY (WBEN/AP) - State Comptroller Alan Hevesi today is ending his 35-year career in public service with his resignation and agreement to plead guilty to a felony. The act ends the investigation into his use of up to four state employees as drivers and companions for his wife.

Steal money from the people of New York, lie about it, run for re-election and then quit.

What does he get?

Hevesi will retire to a six-figure public pension. New York's payroll and pension systems will be watched over by a longtime deputy.

And the degenerate dems led by Elliot "never paid realestate taxes ever" Spitzer allowed this piece of shit to run for the office anyway knowing that this was hanging over his head.

Dear Lord, This Christmas I would like for you to deliver on to the following Dems a painful wound to each of their dainty corrupt bung holes:

Hillary Clinton
Alan Hevesi
Al Sharpton
Jessie Jackson
Elliot Spitzer
Bill Clinton
Dick Turbin
Nancy "the smelly twat" Pelosi
John "hero" Kerry
Ted "killer" Kennedy
Barak Hussain Obama
Rosie O'donnel. (Oh Lord.... Make her cooch fall off and have a dog run off with it)


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