Tuesday, November 14, 2006


VIENNA, Austria — New traces of plutonium and enriched uranium — potential material for atomic warheads — have been found in a nuclear waste facility in Iran, a revelation that came Tuesday as the Iranian president boasted his country's nuclear fuel program will soon be completed.

Oooops! The terrorists got da BOMB! Fuck!

Here is how this will play in the next 2 weeks according to your man Filthy:

Jews bomb the ever living piss out of Iran with tach nukes.

Iran craps pants.

Frogs, Krauts, Liberals, Chavez, Castro's liver, Sweden and the Russians condemn Israel.

The ROC swarms over the 38th and bombards Soul SK. with artilary.

We take 10k dead.

China craps pants and takes out Kim Jong Il in exchange for Taiwan.

Egypt, Jordan and Syria stay out of the game along with Saudi who only gives 2 billion to Hezbollah for their proxy war v. Israel.

Oh yeah, Hezbollah sends human waves against the Jew from Lebanaon. For about 10- minutes.
Then they are dead.

Our market goes in the shitter. p.s. Move your money to cash, oil and defense stocks.

Terrorists pop off a series of car bombs in lower manhattan. I get pissed and kick the shit out of a cabbie. I feel better.

Frogs face a revolution in their cities. Paris suburbs burn as do their major southern cities.

Germany starts looking for their blue eyed blond haired fellows and gives them red bull in anticipation.

The Brits in true fashion fall down and weep and wonder why they cannot have a melting pot society. Pussies.

Chinks take Taiwan, Japs start singing martial songs and reminding them next door about 60 years ago, Manila starts stashing food and porn in the attic, Aussies tell Bush "WITH YOU MATE!" and the Ginsos complain about lack of proper pasta at Gitmo.


IRAN toast.

South Korea.............burnt.

FROGS............cowering like little girls.

KRAUTS.................Still Krauts.

Chinks.......making video games and cheap tee shirts for Old Navy

Israel..............Still Jewish. YAAAAWAY!

Ruskies....................Still without souls.

Terrorists......................Rethinking the whole gettin killed for a mud god thingy.

BUSH? Enjoying the fruit platter I sent him for Easter.



Blogger Howie said...

Whoa man I sure as hell hope you are wrong on at least a few of those.

I predict that we will abandon Iraq to terrorists who will quickly assert their authority in the new Islamic State of Iraq by using the old chop chop choppity chop on anyone who stand in their way.

Some heads are gonna roll.

1:34 PM  

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