Monday, November 20, 2006

More about Rambus being boned in the seat by the FTC.

Who origninally intitated FTC's wayward antitrust compliant against Rambus?

How did Robert Petofsky, Timothy Muris, William Baer, Richard Parker, and Sean Royall get appointed to the FTC?

How could the current commissioners--Deborah Platt Majoras, Chairman; Pamela Jones Harbour; Jon Leibowitz; William E. Kovacic; and J. Thomas Rosch--be so blatantly out-of-step with both Randall R. Rader, Circuit Judge CAFC and Stephen J. McGuire, Chief Administrative Law Judge?

How about this odor:

Clement Leroy “Butch” Otter, the Governor-elect of Idaho, serves on the subcommittee which has oversight of the FTC.

Otter also just happens to be the former son-in-law to J.R. Simplot, one of the initial investors in Micron Technology (over 20 percent controlling interest).

Otter married Gay Simplot in 1964.

They were divorced in 1992.

Otter worked 30 years for Simplot International, a potato, livestock and feeding company.

He eventually became the company’s president.

Various members of the Simplot family paid Otter $237,371 in 2002, approximately twice his Congressional salary.

J.R. Simplot is not beyond chicanery.

In 1993 in a dispute with co-founder and CEO Joe Parkinson, J.R. Simplot, a.k.a Mr. Potato Head, was accused of revealing insider information on Micron Technologies to friends and Wall Street.

In February 1993, after an SEC investigation, Simplot had to sign an "indemnification" document stating that he would not disclose to anyone not employed by Micron any proprietary information about the company.

Ohhh Rambus. How many ways can they bone theeeeeeeee?


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