Friday, November 10, 2006


The Terror world threw a victory bash on Nov 7th ! They finally got what they achieved in Spain a few years ago. Appeasers in power in the US of A.

The appeasers said they would pull out of Iraq and the terrorists are asking them to keep their word.

But wait! The Iraq govt announced that the dems told them they ain't goin any wheres!

How could that be? Libs ran on the mantra of retreat! Pelosi said no to withdrawl.

Pelosi said no to impeachemnt. Dean said no to impeachment.

The loonie left says "why did you betray us?"

The dems ran conservative dems against do nothing GOPers and won both houses.

Conservative dems will have nothing to do with a Pelosi agenda.

Civil War within the party.

Dems make asses out of themselves.

USA attacked again.

GOP could run Hitler's retarded grand nephew with a ham sandwhich for VP and still kick the libs ass in 08 and take the midterms with it.

Fuck all demotwits in their asses.


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