Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I think so.

There was no way we could win. Hassert and the rest of the spineless leadership of the GOP left us conservatives at the curb. They spent like drunkin sailors. Bridge to nowhere? What the fuck was us with that?

Dems got the drive bye media against the troops and the war. There was no way the GOP could win coupled with the pukes spending pork like the world was ending.

So, Rove thinks................let us fall. For now.

Let Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Hillary, Turbin, Conyers, Kerry, Kennedy show the nation who they really are for the next two years.

Let the nation see tax hikes, the destruction of gitmo, the destruction of the patriot act, NSA wiretaps, basic rights.

Let them see what the LIBS really want for the next 2 years.

The GOP could run a transvestite cripple names Twashauna with a Hitler look a like for VP and win in a landslide.

Rove is the man.


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