Sunday, October 01, 2006


Taken from the Ethics portion of this Sunday's New York Times-

Published: October 1, 2006
Late one night, my partner and a friend came home with a guy they met at a bar. I was asleep, but joined them for a little while before going back to bed. The next morning, my iPod was missing. I had left it in the living room on the docking station. After talking to my partner and his friend, we deduced that the third guy had taken it.

Who must replace the iPod?

So your "partner" came home with another dude and a stranger and then had butt sex, woke you up, you had butt sex too and went back to sleep and woke up not with a sore ass but a missing I-pod.

No worrys about getting AIDS, CLAP, SPEEDBUMPS or chafing from some strangers ball sack hitting your taint over and over at 65 MPH, you worry about your I-Pod.

You Debauched sick muther fucker. No wonder the Islamotards want us all dead. It is a-holes like you and the NYT that tells the world this shit. Disgusting. You should check to see if your gerbil is missing to ya freakshow.

Readers’ Opinions
Forum:You're the Ethicist not your partner. You shouldn’t have to run background checks on his guests or bolt your possessions to the floor. He is responsible for people he brings into your home. He may in turn seek compensation from the light-fingered heavy dicked pickup , but his ever getting the money (or the guy’s right name) seems unlikely.


Anonymous Howie said...

So where is Filthy?

2:36 PM  
Blogger Mooolah Filthy said...

Oh Filthy will be back. He is taking a shit now.

2:48 AM  

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