Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It seems that it is okay for Muslims to call for the murder of my Pope, call for the death of all Jews, remove heads, stone women, rape kids, blow up buildings with planes, butcher eachother but yet......the rest of us cannot say dick about them because they are Muslims.

What kind of fucked up shit is this? It seems like rags like the New York Times and the Daily Star are very worried that the rest of us infidels are not being "sensitive" enough when it comes to dealing with the religion of peace. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20422955-1702,00.html

The New York Times demands a strong apology from the Pope? That is pretty rich considering the New York Times slanders Catholics and anyone who is not a left wing whackjob on a regular basis.

What do the Editors at the Times think- If they appease these beasts maybe they won't be butchered? I bet the Style section has a 6 page layout of the latest Burka fashions. Ass hats.

Islam is a religion that is spread by the sword per the "holy" Koran. Moooohamad was nothing but a goat raper who killed more people than small pox. He invented this Kwanza type religion to establish solid trade routes so that he could fill his pockets.

Islam is the fastest growing religion only because they give you the choice of converting or being killed.

Sensitive Muslims. What a crock of shit. They are tolerant of no one but yet they expect you to respect their false religion.

They call for the destruction of Israel but demand you respect them because 1000 years ago they made chess pieces out of camel shit.

Someone pokes fun of them and they go absofuckinlutly batshit and start loppin off heads and burning shit down. But then they make fun of the Jews and say Nazis didn't kill 6 million of em.

Muslims do not deserve an ounce of respect. They are a joke. Beasts. Animals. Vermin.

Give em a taste of their own meds.

Start removing their heads. Kill their leaders. Call for the deaths of their Imams. Take every little thing they do and go apeshit over it. Riot if they even look at you funny. Hold up signs saying that Catholics will run their land soon. Piss on them. Don't hire them. Don't use their business. Don't buy their oil. Burn their flags. Storm their embassies.

Sounds a bit harsh? Not at all. It is what the religion of peace does.

I would not piss on a muslim if he was on fire. I might save one if it was a child but only to covert him or her to be a Papist. Maybe I will adopt a Muslim child and make the child a Catholic. Feed him pork products.


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