Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Glass is always half empty with these dicks.

So I type in google "Muslims Upset" and hit search. Looks like these buggers are always upset.
Never a sunny day in Islam is there eh?

Muslims Upset by Bush's Remarks - Los Angeles Times

Russia: Muslims Upset By State Symbols - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO ...

Tonight - NY Muslims upset after Kate goes topless

WorldWide Religious News-Muslims Upset by Bush's Remarks


Muslims upset after campus newspaper

komo news Some Muslims Upset Over Boeing Ad

Muslims upset about reporting crimes. - Stormfront White ...

Local Muslims Upset with Recent Events

And it keeps going on and on and on..............

Muslims upset at in-your-face lesson in Dutchness - World - smh.com.au

Muslims upset about profiling - So?? - Absolute Write Water Cooler

lgf: Muslims Upset Over Maryland School Calendar

Muslims Upset Over Cartoons - Iowa Voice

Sounds to me like these guys are never happy unless they are removing heads or helping someone covert to Islam by putting a gun to their temple. Maybe they are not burning enough US Flags or butchering enough infidels.

Maybe if they ate a BLT they might feel better. Shave off their dirty beards. That cannot be comfortable running around screaming with that stringy nasty hair sticking out of their pointy chins.

Dudes need to chill out. See a movie. Maybe go on a date. Most of these islamotards I see prancing around on the news look like they the only thing touching their dicks is their Imam.

Aljazeera.Net - US senator's insults upset Muslims

Editor who upset Muslims killed - The decapitated body of ...

Saudi journalist warns US official not to upset Muslims by ...

Shot Dead, film man who upset Muslims - Page 3 - ForumGarden

The Wit of the Staircase: Kate Moss' Tits Upset Muslims

Tailrank - Editor Who Upset Muslims Killed

Madonna should do a show where she poops on the Koran rather than riding on the Cross. See how long she keeps her mellon after that. You see, it is safe to mock Christians and Jews. We don't cut yer head off. We are civilized. We crap in the toilet and wipe with paper. We cook our food. We tend not to blow too much shit up. We don't cover our girls up in sheets.

Hint hint hint hint


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