Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Washington -- New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton hit back at Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday as the political fighting escalated over which president -- Bill Clinton or George W. Bush -- missed more opportunities to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks.
Ms. Clinton took aim at Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice over their roles before the attacks, part of the growing argument touched off after the ex-president gave a combative interview on Fox News Sunday in which he defended his efforts to kill Osama bin Laden. AP

Amazing. Bin Laden hits us over and over and over during the Clinton years and he does nothing. Well, he did fill his pockets, bang a fatty, and get impeached so.....he did do something.

CLinton claims he was obsessed with killing osamam. We all know that is a lie. Clintons lie. That is what they do best.

Clinton claims he left a plan to defeat AQ. The Clintons took the furniture from the White House and the Silverware. You really think they left a plan behind for anything?


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